Nadiel used to be a land filled with powerful mages, wizards, sorcresses, and servants of the (supposedly) divine. All that changed in the Year of Starfall. Approximately a thousand years from present time something large fell from the heavens and landed in the Tanbylan Mountains.

The object that crashed into Nadiel is now embedded in the mountains and acts as a kind of magical lodestone which attracts and absorbs the magical essence of the world. The end effect is that their is little to no traditional magic in the land. While Tanbyle has virtually no magic, other continents which are farther away from the fallen star are less affected and have some semblance of magic.

Since the Year of Starfall the world has changed drastically and the days of high flying wizardry have long since passed into myth. Nadiel remains a land ruled by the hearts and minds of men, of ambitions and sorrow, and the constant promise, or threat, of adventure.

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