Settling the West: Over the Mountains

An expedition back over the mountains to recruit more settlers begins.

The group decided that they needed more recruits for their fledgling town. Unfortunately they did not have anyone spreading the word. They decided to go east back over the mountains to try and “convince” more people to make the trip.

After collecting supplies for the journey the guys make their way across the mountains. After several days of mostly uneventful travel the group entered Screecher territory. Screechers are large, aggressive, territorial birds. The birds were a dangerous distraction for several weeks until their aerie was discovered near the summit. A plan was quickly hatched to drop an avalanche over them.

After another couple of weeks of winding their way down the other side of the mountains the group finally came to the foothills only to be attacked by a group of bandits. Luckily they didn’t take much to defeat.

Mufasa thought it would be a good idea to follow what remained of the cowardly bandits back to their hideout. They successfully tailed the bandits back to camp and waited in the shrubs until nightfall to sneak into the camp.

Come nightfall they snuck into camp and started looking through the various wagons. They only had to knock out a few bandits to remain hidden. Barret found a locked wagon and picked the lock to gain entry. Inside he found a man chained up that said he was Lord Ronchester. Mufasa thought Ronchester might have access to wealth and the decided to rescue him from camp.



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