Alsathsa is the largest wetland on the continent of Tanbyle. Perhaps in all of Nadiel. It is situated South East of the Kikadan Mountain range and South of Ehbuk Keh-ruk. The area consists of marshes, deep swamps, and many crisscrossing rivers, streams, and lakes.

That various rivers found throughout Alsathsa are fed by the large lake(Ehbuk Keh-ruk) to the north. The lake is a constant source of more than enough water to create a marshy land but the additional seasonal runoff from the mountains only enforces this (as well as creating seasonal floodplains south of swamplands.).


The various swamps, lakes, marshes, and streams that make up Alsathsa lend a humid climate with surprisingly mild levels of rainfall. The temperature rarely drifts below freezing and generally hovers around a tolerable (yet sticky) heat level.


The chief inhabitants of the marshland, short of the wildlife, are the Alsathsans. They are more commonly called Marshfolk or Marsh Clansmen by the other races which have settlements skirting the edges.

Landmarks, Points of Interest, & Sub-Areas


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