Crater Lake

Ehbuk Keh-Ruk, which roughly translates to Rain-Filled Valley, is a large lake in the Kikadan Mountain Range. Often referred to by non Kikadan travellers as ‘Crater Lake’. The lake is just south west of Wuhkak and is considered somewhat as a holy place by the Kikadan people.

Relationship to Kikadans As was mentioned earlier Ehbuk Keh-ruk is considered by many Kikadans to be holy place. In the mountains it is often rare to find any bodies of still water, let alone one as large as this lake. For neighbouring Kikadan villages the lake is an invaluable source of freshwater.

In Kikadan myth it is said that during a particularily dry season in the mountains the Wind Spirits (See Kikadan Religion) saw the thirst of the people and sent down a terrible creature to carve the lake out of the mountains. It is even seen as a place for an aspiring Wind Caller to visit.

Geological History Whether or not you believe the myths of the Kikadan people that does not change the fact that the lake was created somehow. It is believed by many learned people that the lake was created from a large object falling from the sky at great speed, or in other words a meteor. This theory also is tied into theory involving Nadielan Magic.

Crater Lake

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