Kikadan Mountain Range

The Kikadan Mountain Range is the largest grouping of mountains on the continent of Tanbyle. The range runs from midwestern Tanbyle to southern Tanbyle and even encompases a large lake of its own.


This particular mountain range is inhabited mostly by the Kikadan peoples, a loosely knit tribal civilization that inhabits the peaks of the mountains. However, at the southern end of the Kikadan Mountains small villages of Utendens can be found in the foothills.


The Kikadan Mountains are far from dry. They recieve high quantities of rain on a nearly daily basis. The constant rainfall has created a great deal of forestation around the mountains as well as creating a large lake in the thickest part of the mountains. Runoff from the rain feeds Alsathsa to the south and during melt season floods lands even further south. Four to six months of each year are filled with snow at the peaks of the mountains which melt in the summer to create torrents of water that stream down. Perhaps the thing that the Kikadan Mountains are most well known for is the wind. Most wind hits the mountains more than once, and even rebounds and reflects off of the various stone paths through the range. The wind is a daily occurence and reaches storm proportions at least once a week. The wind creates an almost musical sound in the deeper areas of the mountains and this strange phenomena has had a tremendous effect on the Kikadan civilization.


Mountains are well known for their precious metals and stones, and the Kikadans are no exception. The Kikadan Mountain Range contains an average amount of quartz and amethyst (which are important crystals for Nadielan magic), it however fairly rich in gold and silver deposits and other metals. This particular set of mountains is fairly low in gemstone content due to a lack of much seismic or volvanic activity over the years.

Kikadan Mountain Range

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