Nadiel is a magical world and this magic manifests and interacts with the creatures and even geography of the world.

Magic Streams (Leylines)

Magic in Nadiel forms into something akin to streams, rivers, and lakes. These “magic streams” normally run through bowels of the earth and in the depths of the ocean. Magic streams are normally invisible to the human eye but when the magic gathers into magic rivers (A large flowing stream) flashes of colour and energy can be seen flowing accross the area. Magic lakes also experience this phenomenon but to a greater extent as the magic is trapped in one area and is constantly releasing its power. Magic is in constant movement accross the world and can visibly effect areas that have plentiful amounts of it. p(. All of the Magic Streams (Sometimes called leylines) are pulled towards Crater Lake, to whatever lies deep within the crater. The streams become thicker, stronger, and more powerful the closer to the lake one gets. In areas destant from Crater Lake these streams are much thinner and because of this the presence of any form of magic is much rarer.

Amethyst and Quartz

Amethyst and other quartz have mysterious properties which attract magic. In order for any magic user to utilize the magic of Nadiel they must have at least some quartz on them so that they can gather and channel the magic power. Amethyst is the best type of quartz for attracting magical energy though other types may be better for specific purposes. Because of the special qualities of quartz they are greatly valued by any society that uses magic to any extent. Quartz is also built into items in order to bestow magical properties on them. Some theorize that these crystals are somehow related to the object that fell from the sky many years earlier.

Channeling Magic

In order for a magic user to channel magical force they must have a quartz focus to draw the magic from a nearby magic stream. The farther away a channeler is away from a source of magic (such as a stream or lake) the more difficult it is to draw any substantial amounts of magic. For this reason the farther one is away from a magic stream the weaker any effect they might create is. Though magic channelling is mentioned here it is far from common. There are few idividuals on the entire planet whom can deliberately channel magic. The exception to this rule are the accomplishment of the Utenden Artificers.

Magic & Technology

The Utenden Republic has built its empire off of the technology developed by its Artificers. These men and , occassionally, women have found a way to use quartz and simlar gems to tap into nearby magic streams and use them as a source of energy. They have applied this energy in a number of ways including powering vehicles, lights, and weapons. This fusion of magic and technology is often reffered to as Geotech and is studied at The University of Technological Advancements. At this point of time this technology is essentially the only known way to channel magic energy. Even though it does channel the energy it can’t be compared to the magic of old.

Magic History

At one point in time magic was usable almost spontaneously. At this time magical energy roamed freely over Nadiel and one only needed to be taught how to tap in to it. Many people were actually born with the ability to naturally tap into the magic. This did not last forever though. In the year 277 something came hurtling towards the planet and crashed in the Kikadan Mountain Range creating what is now widely known as Crater Lake. It was at this time that Nadielan Magic was changed forever. Something in the meteor (or living creature as the Kikadans believe) changed magic. It could no longer be used at will or even used at all. The only way for it be used at all was by channeling it through quartz and other gems (as described above). Many theorize that the meteor was made up of some kind of extraterrestrial substance which draws magical energy to itself and absorbs it, some even support this with claims that all magic streams and rivers on Nadiel seem to lead to this location. While this theory is unproven it is widely accepted as truth by those in the know. There are many areas on Nadiel where magic has been forgotten completely, or is at least entirely unheard of.


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