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Priests are religious leaders and teachers throughout Nadiel. They spread gods of the Pastoral Pantheon of the Utendens and can be found anywhere that Utendens have settled. Depending on the teachings and god of choice Priests may be wandering healers that have taken a vow of poverty to rabble-rousing followers of a warmongering god. While there are gods that lean more in an evil direction in the Tanbylan Pantheon they tend to have to practice in secret due to negative views associated with them. See the Cultist class for more information.

General Info: Priests are most easily compared to the Cleric base class which is not present in the Nadiel setting. They have less of a focus on miracles and divine magic and more on secret knowledge passed down and protected by a religious order. They also have more of a focus on proselytizing than the Cleric.

Key Characteristics: Intelligence, Charisma, and possibly Wisdom.

Attack Bonus Progression: Somewhere between Sorcerer and Cleric

Saves: Good will, poor reflex.

Possible Class Features: Doctrine & Dogma Blinding Rhetoric Secrets of the Order


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