Tamfor is the largest port city in all of Tanbyle, perhaps all of Nadiel. In addition to being a major port city, Tamfor is also the capital city of the Utenden Republic. The city is located on the south eastern side of Tanbyle at the mouth of the Kybal River.

Population: At the last census (16th Year of Matej) the population of Tamfor was roughly 230,000 People. Of the the 230,000 only about 50% were of Utenden Ancestry.

Social Structure:

Unlike most cities and villages within the Utenden Republic, the residents of Tamfor have fallen into a kind of Heirarchial structure. This is due to the cities high focus on trade and the importance of the profit (made from tarriffs/taxes) has for the entire republic. The structure is as follows:

  1. Merchant Lords
  2. Ship Captains Caravan Leaders
  3. Merchants
  4. Skilled Workers
  5. Unskilled Workers

Highest Level – Merchant Lords

The Merchant lords are the most powerful people in all of Tamfor. They have a stanglehold on all trade that occurs within the city, and as such the livelyhood of almost all of the residents is under their control. While the merchant lords are not “bad people” per se they are buisiness men and are quite capable of flexing their monetary strength to get what they want. A merchant lord controls a group of merchants, skilled workers, and labourers which is known as a house. The lord supports those below him by paying their wages, but demands their exclusivity to his control (this is mostly only the case with skilled workers, other workers are free to go where they will). The relationship with Merchants and Ship Captains is slightly different however; instead of paying wage to this group he instead supplies them with goods taken from his workers, he than demands a commission on the sale of these items. There are four (4) main merchant houses in Tamfor.

Upper-Middle Level – Ship Captains & Caravan Leaders:

A Ship Captain or Caravan leader is the second highest level of society. He owns his own ship and employs a crew (ship captain) or has several wagons, wagon drivers, and guards in his employ. Unlike a merchant who is given goods by a merchant lord to sell, a Ship Captain (or Caravan Leader) is hired by two merchant lords (or in some cases merchants) to transport goods for a trade deal. The ship captain or caravan leader is then either given a flat prearranged amount of money by both parties (the importer and the exporter) or he takes a prearranged amount of the goods for himself which he than in turn sells or uses. Ship Captains likely have no wish of climbing any higher in society, in fact many Ship Captains and Caravan Leaders are as rich as the merchant lords themselves, and the most successful ones are better liked by the public.

Middle Level – Merchants:

Merchants exist in the exact middle of the social hierarchy. They are given their goods from their respective Merchant Lord who than demands a commission on the sale of their goods. While merchants may have a few of their own skilled workers, for the most part the merchant lords of these workers in their own pay. Merchants likely own a store from which they sell their goods on a daily basis; though poorer (or just shrewd) merchants are more likely to rent vending stalls at a market. The goal of many merchants is to seek out and employ their own skilled workers (such as sculpters, farmers, accountants, and weavers) so that they can establish a minor house and become a merchant lord (even one of little standing).

Lower-Middle Level – Skilled Workers:

The Skilled Workers are the single most important aspect of Tamfor’s social structure. All of the upper levels (with perhaps the Ship Captains) rely on having skilled workers in their employ. A skilled worker is someone with the knowledge to build, make, brew, etc. things. They may be successful bakers or farmers, an architect or accountant, or even a blacksmith. Often a Merchant Lord will actively seek out skilled workers in order to employ them and have exclusivity on their work. For example: a swordsmith makes excellent rapiers. A merchant lord than offers that swordsmith a certain amount of money a day to make rapiers exclusively for him, which in turn the Merchant Lord will give to merchants to sell for him. Alternatively a merchant lord may contract out a skilled workers services, finding jobs for the worker easily and giving him prestige (this would be how an architect would work with a merchant lord).

Lowest Level – Unskilled Workers:

Unskilled workers are the lowest level of the social hierarchy. They are those that have yet to learn, or havent learned, a skill. They are employed mainly as servants and labourers. They also may work under a skilled worker to learn that particular trade. Those that are unemployed become beggers. Most of these people attempt to learn a skill or trade in order to become more successful.

City Layout

Tamfor is a city that obviously had little to no planning and more or less happened “by accident”. As such the city is a large jumble of sections and architecture. The city is most easily divided up into sections, known as districts. These districts include the city center, waterfront, port, as well as othe districts.

Points of Interest

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