The University of Technological Advancements

The University of Tehcnological Adcvancements which is centered in the city of Tamfor, is the premier location of learning in the republic. Alchemists at the university spend their time experimenting with the many gemstones to create different magical effects (See Magic) to power machinery and other things.

The Building

The physical structure of the university is nothing all that special. It is a circular building with 3 floors. In the center of the building is an open courtyard in which many of the more dangerous experiments take place.

Education Focus

While the university teaches many subjects such as history and language its main focus is on Geotech. The University of Technolgical Advancements is the Tanbylan leader is Geotech. They spend a great deal of time and funds experimenting with gemstones and developing new technologies. This focus has made the university very strong in both geology and engineering.

The University of Technological Advancements

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