Unn Ka'Kuruk

Unn Ka’Kuruk (Pronounced Uhhn Ka Cuhruhk) is the religion of the Kikadan people. The Kikadans worship spirits of the wind (Unndan) whom they believe control the weather in the mountains as well as watch out for the Kikadans.


Unn Ka’Kuruk is a fairly unstructured religion. It consists of spiritual leaders commonly reffered to as ‘Wind Callers’. The wind callers are usually picked from the children of each village by another wind caller. They are then raised in the specifics of the religion, culminating in a pilgrimage to a temple in the largest Kikadan village Wuhkak. Wind Callers are seen as the leaders of the Kikadan people. Kikadans being a mostly self governed people look to their villages wind caller for advice and leadership.


In the beliefs of Unn Ka’Kuruk there are powerful spirits called Unndan whom can be both malevelant and benevolent. These spirits chaotically whistle throughout the mountains and are believed to create the powerful winds in the Kikadan Mountain Range. The Kikadans believe that by respecting and appeasing these spirits they can bring good fortune upon themselves and even influence the weather.

Important Locations

Unn Ka'Kuruk

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