Utenden Republic

The Utenden Republic (Pronounced Yu-Ten-Dun) is the largest nation on the continent of Tanbyle. The republic spans the entire south eastern portion of Tanbyle, spreading north from just south west of its capital city of Tamfor at the mouth of the Kybal River.


The Utenden Republic is of course, a republic. It is governed by two Archons which are elected every 6 years by the Grand Tribunal which in turn is comprised of Consuls elected by the people of each city every 5 years. A given city elects one consul for every 5,000 people whom reside in it. A city of less than a thousand people does not have a consul of their own and votes at the nearest city to them for a consul. During every election a sensus is taken which will be used to determine election numbers for the next election. This means that every 5 years a sensus is taken of the Utenden Republic.

The Consuls meet once a year (or whenever a tribunal is called by the Archons). At a tribunal consuls discuss ideas and politics as well as presenting new laws for consideration. For a law to be passed the majority of the Tribunal must be in favour of it, any member of the Grand Tribunal may present a law for consideration. It is the job of the Consuls to listen to the people who elected them and represent them at the Tribunal. It is the job of the two Archons to jointly preside over the Tribunal, they maintain order as well as vote like any consul.

During each year one of the Archons stays in Tamfor and governs the nation while the other one tours to each city to speak with the Consuls and see ow the republic is functioning. After the year is up a tribunal is called and the Archon who toured presents a list of things which need attention in the republic which the Grand Tribunal considers. After the Tribunal the two Archons switch places. This continues for 5 years, after 5 years the Grand Tribunal is re-elected, if the people are happy with their Consuls than they vote for them again, if not they will vote for a new or different Consul.

The Archons preside over the entire procedure and watch carefully as the ballots are counted. After the election the Consuls have one year to evaluate the current Archons until a new election begins. This time each member of the Grand Tribunal votes for two of them to become the Archons (they may vote for the current Archons). The two members with the most votes become the Archons for the next 6 years.


The culture of the Utenden Republic is more of a hodgepodge of ideas and customs that a group of unified cultural rules. The republic expanded outwords from Tamfor and began to claim more towns, villages, and cities as it expanded, incorporating the beliefs and customs of those it encountered into its own culture.


The clothing of a Utenden depends significantly on the wealth of a given individual. As a rule of thumb most Utendens dress in cloth made from flax, the quality and type depends on wealth. Thick furs are usually preferred in the winter time to line or wear overtop of normal clothing. Clothes are usually fashioned into fitted long-sleeved shirts and shorts. Colors of the Tamfor Merchant Houses are sometimes incorporated even in the clothing of those outside of the city as the houses influence is far reaching in the republic.


The common language of the Utenden Republic is a rather smooth and flowing language which uses many “oo” and “yuu” noises as well as stopping “n” sounds.

National Currency:

Utenden Currency
Coin Value
Golden Tribunal 240 Copper Galleons, 40 Half Silvers, 20 Silver Cities, 10 Half Archons, 5 Golden Archons
Golden Archon 48 Copper Galleons, 8 Half Silvers, 4 Silver Cities, 2 Half Archons
Half Archon 24 Copper Galleons, 4 Half Silvers, 2 Silver Cities, 1/2 Golden Archon
Silver City 12 Copper Galleons, 2 Half Silvers, 1/2 Half Archon, 1/4 Golden Archon
Half Silver 6 Copper Galleons, 1/2 Silver City, 1/4 Half Archon, 1/8th Golden Archon
Copper Galleon 1/6th Half Silver, 1/12th Silver City, 1/24th Half Archon, 1/48th Golden Archon

For purposes of scale 5 Copper Galleons will buy an average meal while one Golden Archon will buy a single nights cheap lodging. A single Copper Galleon will buy a locally grown apple while a Golden Archon can buy 48 Apples.

Golden Tribunal :

A Golden Tribunal is a large golden coin (about 5 cm in diameter) that has a group of Consuls meeting imprinted on one side and a picture of the city it was minted in on the other side. It contains exactly 1 ounce of gold in it. The rest is made up of a mixture of other metals such as copper and nickel. A Golden Tribunal is worth 5 Golden Archons.

Golden Archon:

A Golden Archon is a golden coin (about 2.5 cm in diameter) with an imprint of one of the curren Archons on one side and a picture of the city it was minted in on the other side. It contains exactly 0.2 ounces of gold in it. The rest is made up of a mixture of other metals such as copper and nickel.

Half Archon

So called because it contains half of the gold content of that of a Golden Archon. While the Half Archon is about the same size as a Golden Archon it contains an imprinting of a two grasping hands on it, as well as a picture of the city it was minted in on the other side. This coin is worth .5 or half of a Golden Archon.

Silver City:

A silver city contains 0.2 ounces of silver in it (the rest is made of miscellaneus metals). The Silver City only has an imprinting of Tamfor on one side and on its other side a picture of the city that minted it and is about 1.5 cm in diameter. A silver city is worth 1/4 of a Golden Archon or 1/2 of a Half Archon.

Half Silver:

A Half silver contains only 0.1 ounces of silver in it and is half the size of a Silver City, otherwise they look very similar. A Half Silver is worth 1/8 of a Golden Archon or 1/2 of a Silver City.

Copper Galleon:

A copper galleon is made of copper and is about 1 cm in diameter. It has the picture of a ship on one side and a picture of the city that minted it on the other. A Copper Galleon is worth 1/50 of a Golden Archon or 1/6 of a Half Silver.

Utenden Republic

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