Woodwurms are a type of semi-monstrous creature that is found in Tanbylan forests.


Woodwurms are a parasitic insect that can be found in several of the old growth redwood forests. A forest infested with woodwurms can easily be determined by the presence of trees and branches that have been hollowed out by woodwurms. Some of the larger trees may also contain egg hatcheries.


They are a hive mind and are controlled by a King Woodwurm. Woodwurms are not naturally aggressive but will act to protect their woods. They are incapable of crossing water by normal means and while they do not directly fear it they will try and avoid it. Wurms are able to attach themselves to higher lifeforms and turn them into worker drones. They normally do this by tapping into the spinal cord of the victim, often while they are sleeping or working in one of their territories.


Woodwurms are actually very small but overtime through a process of a glue-like secretion and wood-burrowing build a larger and larger shell around themselves. A smally and young wurm looks little different from any ordinary worm or snake as they attach more and more wood to their bodies they begin to look more and more like branches, logs, and trees. Some of the oldest wurms such as a King or Queen may also have types of fungus growing on their bodies. Worms can grow immense in size and, like trees, when they are cut open it is possible to count rings of wood. Once the wurms reach a certain size they may begin feeding on their own kind. This is the only way for them to become Kings.

Much like ordinary earthworms and night crawlers, woodwurms drown easily. They are too dense to float and incapable of swimming. As such they are easily drowned.


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